How to filter certain aspects in your life – Basic start


Many of us often think it will be hard to let go of what we are ‘ used to’  . But thing is, it is all in our heads. Of course it comes with a certain pain or routine which we have to cope up with. Nevertheless, on the long term..the result is only positive!

And that is our goal right? Positive life, positive vibes.
The thing is, we need to filter.. to prioritize the situations and persons in our lifes. How? I’ll tell you in short in the video below.

Why not writing? Because many of us tend to be so bus, that reading is fading away somehow. Take 2 minutes to watch this video and start filtering!

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Stop fearing..go, explore!


The unknown… but yet it is known..
So why are you afraid to take that step?
Why letting fear take control over your mind, body and soul while you are the one who knows that fear is just a word..just negative energy.
And only you know how to close yourself off from that feeling.

Ask yourself, is the fear worth the step back?
I bet it isn’t..because you want it too bad.
So the risk is worth taking, to reach your goal, to explore, to dare! So go! Be notorious!

Whatever you do, whatever your goal is..let the negative energy leave your body and mind.
Open yourself towards the unknown, explore!

Keep in mind that YOU are the one who is in control over the energies which enter your mind and body.
Only you!


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Tip of the day!

Today I’ll share a tip with you guys to take it with you in future. I have been trying it now for a few months, and it has chansubtract_negativity_and_add_positivity_poster-r0b46236c9f6b4e629dff69f40052e1d7_wh5_8byvr_512ged my life in a positive way!

I always keep talking about positivity, but today I will share my personal way of implementing this strategy.


Whenever something negative happens to you, try to make the feeling go away by simply thinking of something positive which happened that day/week/time. Doesn’t matter how you want to do it; write it down, say it out loud, or share it with your friends.



–  Your on your way to work and it’s raining. You arrive at work looking like a wet dog.
Positivity: Well, at least you helped out some customers, did something useful in the society and made some money.

–  You applied for the job but unfortunately you didn’t get hired for the job
Positivity: There must be a reason why this job wasn’t the one for you, there are many other vacancies, and you might
find one which suits more with your dreams! Besides, the weather is also quite nice!

Try to add something positive after that negative feeling. It can be something you achieved, or something you saw, anything. And it does not even have to relate to the negative happening.
Small, big, whatever. EVERY positivity is strong enough to make the negativity vanish in no time.
It really helps…keep doing this daily, and see, how happy you can be about the smallest things.
Substract negativity and add positivity!

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Here comes some positive energy!

Hey there beautiful woman  and/or handsome man!
Happy to see you here reading my blog!

What have you been up to lately? Whatever you have been doing till now, I want you to take a small break and read this short article.
Everyone has this goal what they are reaching out for, working hard for.. doesn’t matter what it is, you must have one of yourself too. So if you have that goal in mind right now, please close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine you already have reached it.
Feels good right?


Now…tell me, was it hard to imagine it? I don’t think so. So if you can imagine it, then don’t worry about achieving it! I know sometimes things don’t seem to go the way you want them to, but it doesn’t mean it will stop you from reaching your goal.
So whenever you feel  a bit low, or demotivated…close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself travelling around the world, because that is what you always have wanted…imagine yourself having your own clothing brand, because that is what you are reaching out for…imagine yourself helping  people in need, because that is one of your life goals…imagine yourself being a famous artist/dancer, because that is what you train so much for..imagine yourself without those negative people who constantly bring  you down and tell you that you can’t, because you know you CAN.
And lastly…imagine yourself living a bit more for yourself rather than for your boyfriend / husband, that you are doing everything for,  because you know that you deserve it.

You are beautiful, smart, strong and capable of doing anything that you can imagine.
Because if you can imagine it, you can live it!

What dance means to me!

Dancing, dance, dancers…..What do you think of at first when you hear these terms?
Well, when I think of anything that has to do with dance, I feel happiness and love !

To me, it’s like I forget all that is happening around me. The world’s problems, my own problems, any other negativity surrounding me at that moment..everything…….it’s just gone!
And you know what the best part is? Everyone has that situation or thing which he or she cannot talk about in words…but they want to show it somehow. For example by crying, trying to have a laugh with others, going out, singing, whatever.
And the beauty about dance is, whenever a certain situation comes up which cannot be talked about, and which needs to be shown or felt, it can be done by dancing.
When I dance, I share my feelings. Those feelings can be anger, happiness, sadness, anything!
Whatever feeling I try to share…inside my soul, I feel happiness and passion, because of the fact that I am able to share it, and not leave it within my heart.


The world which I enter in while thinking of dance and putting up a show or practicing, is a different world. In a world which does not have any trouble, any difference, any negativity.
This world in my head and around me which I see while dancing, is so good I want to live in it forever.
Expressing isn´t  hard for me anymore while dancing, because it´s an untold story. You see it, you feel it. I do it, I feel good about it.
Being yourself, being all that you want, that´s dancing to me.

Unfortunately in this world, most things have to be judged. That also counts for dancing.. What hurts me most when I think about it a lot, is that dancing is not always taken seriously. Many people think that it is show off, it is cheap, or only time pass.
Let me tell you has nothing to do with all of the above.
You can compare what dancing is to dancers, to what your job or any other hobby is to you. Some people feel passionate about their jobs, or their paintings, or their music. Well how would you feel if someone tells you that your hobby is show off, or just time wasting or time pass?
You know it is not, you do it because you love it. You love everything about it.
That same goes for dancing. We do it because it’s our world. It’s a way of expressing, a way of living.
After all these years of dancing, I have heard many things about dancing and dancers, and it always made me angry. But now, looking at the world full of judgemental stuff, I learn to let it go.
Eventually, it is all about us when we dance. It’s not only our passion and hobby, but also our work.

No culture, religion or person can avoid the smiling faces and happy people when they watch dancing people OR while dancing themselves.
Admit it, did you ever see someone still looking angry after watching an awesome dance on TV or at the streets? No, nobody can stay angry or sad after watching people dancing passionately.

Imma challenge you. Please, whenever you have a day that you feel low or just having a bad day, turn the TV on, or go to the internet and search for some awesome dance videos or watch a dance movie. . and this time, look at it differently. Don’t just look at the moves and the way they do it. Also look at the faces while they are doing it. Try to feel what they are trying to show you.
Believe me, your day won’t be as bad as it was and you will feel much better!
You will see a way of expressing feelings which you never had before.
I will put some links up in the article which you can take a look at when you have the time for it.
[Links are mentioned at the end of the article]

Imagine this: If all the people in the world could and would dance, wouldn’t it be a much happier place? A place which is free to express anything, not in words…but in moves and expressions! 
Dance isn’t something which you only can learn…dance is something which has to be felt!

So if you8aaaa03f0770137725b82c9e0b60517b feel like dancing today, just do it. Express all the things which you cannot express in words. Express it not for others, express it to yourself. And if you feel like it, share it with others!

Me and my dance crew are all about sharing and spreading dance as far as we can in our small country and even further. Work hard if you can, to achieve all those happy faces while dancing. Introduce everyone the world which we get in while dancing. That is our motivation!

Some links to awesome dance video’s. Workshops, random video’s from around the world etc.:
Facebook –> The best dancers worldwide
Youtube   –>

There are many more !! Take your time for it and watch them please.

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How to feel good!


Today I have a task for you please do not stop reading!

So a few months ago I watched this movie which caught my attention.  I know there must have been more movies which contain the same message, but at this stage of my life, when I am keeping myself busy with these types of goals, it just caught me.

I think this movie contains something which more of us want to show and reach out for, but somehow can’t or are not motivated enough because they are insecure about how they will make this message reach a big amount of people.
The truth is, this message does not need to reach a lot of people straight away, it needs to be spread.
Now before my readers think and wonder what the heck I am talking about.
The message is: Spread goodness, by reaching out for help to ANYONE. Help can be small, big , whatever you name is help in all kind of ways.

Nowadays most of us are very busy coping with our own lifes, that we tend to forget, we can make someone smile by helping them in carrying something, or helping them while they are being bullied.
Our lives are important, our goals are important, but we cannot forget the fact that the world is made for all of us,, and if we don’t offer help, or share our love, we will never be loved or be helped either.
And not only that, do you know how great if feels when you help an old lady carrying her bag of groceries and she smiles at you and says: “Thank you my child…unfortunately nowadays we hardly find helping hands….
The fact that the lady is happy and thankful feels great, but the fact that the lady mentions that she does not see helpful people around anymore, makes me wonder.

So why not start here and now…by sharing your love, your goodness, and give anyone, just anyone a helping hand… It doesn’t have to be a stranger if you feel shy. You can help anyone who comes up in your mind and who can use some help with anything. I promise you, it feels d*mn good!
So the message which comes from the movie, and which I would like to share with you all is: After reading this, help someone out with ANYTHING.. And when they want to thank you, you say that you do not want them to thank you, You want them to help out at least three other people with anything, and tell them the same….
You do not have to take this message so point is, just spread the message that we ALL can help anyone, with anything. No help is small or big…

The quote for motivation for doing this and keep spreading goodness is: “Evil is like poison…it is spread easily and fast…but goodness, goodness and truth is like a does not work right away, or always effectively, but if you keep using goodness against evil, it will have a permanent effect, and spread positively!”


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The future generation..

Today while reading articles on, I came across an article which I have reblogged. The article is called: “To the daughter I may never have”. Please read it whenever you readers find the time for it. The article contains a story which we all should consider and think of nowadays.
I myself have been thinking about this for several years as I am an observer. So when I read this article, it felt like I was reading some of my thoughts. That’s why I will be writing about it.

Have you ever thought about your unborn child(ren) as if they are already in your life and part of your world, while not actually being in it? 
Well I have, I think about it regularly.  I think about what my kid(s) will look like, the clothing I will buy for them,  what hobbies they will have, how I will teach them the things they should know about life…and so on. I can keep talking about it for hours. Unfortunately not all of my friends feel the same way, therefore I do not want to make them feel bored with my stories ha-ha.

At the age of 18 years I started to think of my future babygirl or boy, because I have always wanted kids early. Now, I am  25, still unaware of most things which belong to mothers and raising their kid(s). Like Amanda trusty mentions in her article; “not even knowing how to actually change a diaper” .
Still, I am not afraid of becoming a mother. The only thing which scares me or makes me wonder whether it would be a good world for my future child is the fact that there is happening so much around us.
The truth is, when I look at my younger brother and his friends (he is 13), I realize how much the world is changed comparing to  when I was 13.

I do not say that the world is a nasty place and we should lose hope, because I am a positive person. I mean, the world and life is too beautiful to be scared to move on.
But what I do say, is that we should be watching over our next generation more than we ever had to.
Currently, 13 year old kids are smoking, drinking, partying like 23 year old people.
And in my eyes, I think that WE are the generation that can keep control of things before they go out of hands for our next generation kids.
Of course every parent will have their own way of raising their kids, but we are the generation which can make a change in the current situation.
How you will and can make that change is up to you………

I know that when my babygirl or boy will come into this world I will give them all the love they deserve and need to see that a parent and a mom is the one who will never let you down no matter what the situation is.
A mother needs to make you feel safe, a mother should teach u important things how to survive the hardships of life.
I will make sure my kid(s) set goals and have dreams in order to have something to achieve. I will make sure that they do not live in a struggle with themselves like I and my other friends did just because we do not know what we want or go for.

And I, will make sure that my kid(s) will become ones with standards and values which I have gained  and experienced during my life and while my mom raised me. Because I know, that the generation which my mother was raised in, was a respected one.
I sure know, that my kids will become beautiful creatures.

That is one of the changes which I will make when my babyangel will be born. What is your change? Comment or share your thoughts! Spread the word….to spread the change. And make this world, a better place. 


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A Letter To The Daughter I May Never Have

I came across this article and I was inspired…I just love the words and feel this so much!! Today I will post something about this article and about the thoughts which the writer wrote about.. Please read the beautiful article written by Amanda trusty!

amanda trusty says

My dearest daughter,

I’m writing this to you at age 27, at which point I still don’t know how to change a diaper.

And I have to tell you right away, I live in a world where planes crash unexpectedly, and love doesn’t always win, and I eat pesticides for breakfast. My neighbors fight when they’re drunk and my friends have cancer and twelve-year-old students sell pot out of their lockers at school. I’m sorry darling, but this world is no place for a child.

I’m looking at a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table that your potential daddy bought me three days ago and they’re wilted because I forgot to change the water. The sink is dirty and the recycling bin smells like sour milk and Coca-Cola. My home is no place for a child to grow.

But goodness it would be so gorgeous to meet you…

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How do you know?

How do you know what you really want or really want to become?


Well that’s one of the hardest things to know in life. Some know it since they were children, some don’t even know by their 50th.
Is that what you want? Wandering, wondering your whole life about what you want to do or ‘just do something’ because it’s allright?
No, that is not what you want, because you, I, we all want to be happy. And one of the ways towards happiness is doing what you like, doing what you can.
Ofcourse, some circumstances (which I do not believe should be stopping you from doing what you like) do not allow us to do what we can, for example health, financial weakness, but if they allow it, and you have the will to go for it, then you should.

How much creativeness do we miss out in this world just because some of us simply think it’s unnecessary , impossible, or they/we are insecure.
How much talent do we miss out on just because of the reasons I’ve mentioned above?
Let me tell you, the world is a selfish place, but if we see beauty, see talent, we appreciate it and we learn from it!
Do not forget that everyone here is for a purpose, human beings are not useless. Every small purpose is one!

When do you know what you really want, or really want to become?
How crazy it may seem, but at our hardest times, for example after break ups, after recovering from weak health, after losing someone, etc. , we think the most, want to do the most and need to get out the best of the best of ourselves.

How do you know what and who you want to become?
That is something which comes from within. At our hardest times, we crave for certain things or situations in which we would feel at our best.
Write it down, simply write down the things you feel good doing. Do you feel good while singing? Do you feel awesome while dancing? Or do you feel good while watching over kids? Just random examples. Ofcourse you can like all of the examples I gave, then write them all down!
The more ideas and cravings you have, the more you can combine.
For example: you love dancing and you love kids, so why don’t you teach kids dancing? How awesome would that be!
To move on,  what more ways are there to know what and who you want to become?
Explore…Explore as much as you can. Read books, watch movies, look around you, network!
The more you explore, the more you will notice when you feel that ‘tickling’ in your body and thinking: ‘Hey that’s what I want to be or do’.
That tickling feeling in your body, that  is called motivation. Don’t let it go. Grab it and make it bigger!



So don’t give up on life when you feel weak, those are the times when your body tries to get back up and as soon as you recover from that negative situation, you will feel at your best.
Use that, and make it your future.
And remember, only YOU can make the change WE all need…

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A ray of sunshine through the rainy day


Waking up, looking through the window and staring at those raindrops falling down..thinking: ‘aah no ! I feel this is going to be a depressing day..’ . And why did I think that? What effect does rain have? Or what does rain change about the day?
The day still contains 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 1000 opportunities and not any less chances than on a non-rainy day.

Does those clouds make you depressed? Well they shouln’t..because dark clouds are a part of nature as well.
And ofcourse, getting wet because of rain while you are all dressed up, isn’t nice, but it’s water, and it can dry!

A rainy day does not and will not make a day less worthy, a chance less important and an opportunity less visible.
It is our sight which makes it all negative.

It’s the state of mind in which you are when you see rain, but try to turn around that state of mind into a positive one, by simply looking through the rain, and imagining the sun in your mind.
A rainy day does not make you less important, you less beautiful, you less loving. (Only if your mascara gets all over your face because you haven’t put on a waterproof mascara..ha-ha)

Change your state of mind, that’s the step towards your happy and/or successful future.
Negative –> Positive. 




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